Middle Age Crazy…most popular behavior to handle teens!

My father, a top notch sales person, once told me after I had my first child, “You have the toughest selling job to do now!”  Yep, right again dad!  As a realtor I love selling houses and have been pretty good at it and at corporate marketing too!  POW…closing an idea with my children is the hardest thing ever!

But, they are teenagers now and the challenge has changed.  Its not about discipline hard or soft anymore.  Its not about bartering or candy rewards.  In fact there is only one thing that works to convince kids to listen and follow….surprise!  As an older mom, my wisdom said “just be yourself at this age..middle age, and as far as they know, maybe crazy!”

When I ring out with opera or leap through the room in a perfect ballerina sashe they look up!  Then a quick serious face with a line of rap gets them laughing at which point the delivery of what you need to say usually is understood.  Why?  Keep them on their toes and they will wonder…is she really cool or just plain crazy?

Oh one other thing….the threat to behave like this in the next public place you are together usually gets them to do it your way!  

Have fun parenting!


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