Lunch Break!

So if you are reading this now you may have skipped your lunch to check your electronic device which somehow sprung you to me!  Although I am flattered that you are checking my site for critical information, you really must refuel!  TAKE A BREAK!

When we dont take our time out for food, clean air, and minute to rest our brains and eyes we get grumpy!  Our day begins to fall apart because we are no longer comfortable and a quick snack doesnt recover us.

Sometimes I have been guilty of pouring enough coffee down me to satisfy the hunger pangs, but by evening I have made some not so great decisions and when I do refuel my system seems to feel really really put upon.  So, I now take the morning time for the largest fuel, midday as a second charge and then off to the evening which I finish with small but fun graze!  

Try it once in a while and then take the note:  Eat when you feel hungry, sleep when you feel tired and let your body be your guide.  You will look better, feel better and play better over all!


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