Upon waking this morning in the midwest I was greeted by yet more snow!  And I was quickly informed of the enormous amount of rain in other parts of the country.  

Although our days and weeks can be planned to the perfect degree the weather reminds us that there are still reasons to know what to do when something unexpected happens! It also reminds us that we have to deal with it when out life is altered outside of our control.

I know that during this time I have done alot of self reflection reading great books.  This is not normal for me, but then neither is the weather.  Besides the words of wisdom from the various books I realized that I actually enjoyed the time of “not doing.”  In our instant information lives of electronics we often forget how it feels to let the brain go into the written word format.  When we read, something for enjoyment we usually slow our system down and derive a sense of comfort from it.  So, next time you have a rushed day, wake in the middle of the night or anxious that you cant get out to do your daily commitments find a good read to slow that adrenaline down, accept your current location and enjoy yourself…because you are the only one we have!


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