is this you? It sure has been me on occasion! How often have you been told how to think of yourself when you thought you already had it right? Today the world is all about correction in hopes of solving the problems. Especially with the job market being so competitive! When we are told over and over again that we dont fit the profile by prospective employers we begin to repeat this in our own head…as we look into the mirror each day we start believing those who tell us what they think. Stop. Dont believe everything you think! Remember when you were on top of your game? The happiest you have ever been? The best youve ever looked? That is really you. If you have been fooled to think you are less than you can be or have been go back and see the reflection of who you are. You are that great individual who can derive happiness from your special talents. You may just be looking in the wrong place at the right time. Look inside again and bring who you think you are back,. You are a person of value, When you convince yourself again this lost idea you will convince others too.


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