Time for greatness….

It has taken me the use of an hour glass to realize that time is only a unit passing through the glass as measurement, however that unit also changes the physical shapes of humans, earth and animals to say the least.  That unit of measurement although seeming to be small and of little value can cost each one of us a lifetime.  If we dont maximize the value of that unit,,,time….we can lose more than millions during a second to the stock market.  Under stress, we forget how quickly time changes things.  From one unit to another our precious futures change for better or worse…but never stay the same.  So instead of trying to over analyze times value one should know it is more valuable than its counterparts easier to hold like diamonds, gold, silver, currency.  We can not hold or trade time but we can realize what we each have as individuals to use in conjunction with it.  Our own greatness as individuals can be discovered over the waves of ebb and flo….of time.  Now is the time for greatness in each of us.  It may have started yesterday and hopefully will continue through many tomorrows but now during this unit is when we should feel our own strength and greatness.  Its time.


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