Today is full of reasons you should look at new places to live, rent or retire. In fact more than ever our society has become a mobile and multi-location consumer. Even as creatures of habits we have expanded our comfort levels to include areas that contradict each other. It is common for those who love the cold to winter in warm climates or those who love the hot and humid to retreat to a cool waterfront on wooded space for the summer.

To follow these trends the consumer is constantly under fire with information on foods, housing and entertainment from a variety of places world wide. As our social networks expand along with referrals from our closest group of workers, friends and family we constantly consider locating in a variety of markets for week-end or long term purposes. Among many items that attract us to our desires is that which is peaceful, financially fit and attractive to our inner being. The least thing on our minds at the time of discovery is how the opposite of our locations just might lurk beyond the beauty.

The “Hood” is a term adopted many years ago meaning an area that we engage in on a day to day basis. Our place of understanding. Where we blend in. Most times our “hoods” are in common with our core, but when they change, we often find it distressing, uncomfortable to our core. The social species rarely looks at attractive new areas with the scrutiny of what could happen if the neighborhood changes in a direction unpopular to the current status quo. It has been proven that when a neighborhood undergoes stress from an economic or social turn that the owners of the local property will feel the stress as well, and not just for a small time. Carefully examine the neighborhood surroundings to see what can absorb the shock of a major change in social or economic conditions. Will the property of your dreams be able to modify to the event so that you can be sheltered financially first and socially second to an altered state for what could be many years. Remember, what you purchase with enthusiastic bliss is never guaranteed from catastrophic upheaval resulting in complete opposite to your comfort level. Choosing a property based on the worst thing that could happen might just be the best thing you can do for your peace of mind.


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