Time for greatness….

It has taken me the use of an hour glass to realize that time is only a unit passing through the glass as measurement, however that unit also changes the physical shapes of humans, earth and animals to say the least.  That unit of measurement although seeming to be small and of little value can cost each one of us a lifetime.  If we dont maximize the value of that unit,,,time….we can lose more than millions during a second to the stock market.  Under stress, we forget how quickly time changes things.  From one unit to another our precious futures change for better or worse…but never stay the same.  So instead of trying to over analyze times value one should know it is more valuable than its counterparts easier to hold like diamonds, gold, silver, currency.  We can not hold or trade time but we can realize what we each have as individuals to use in conjunction with it.  Our own greatness as individuals can be discovered over the waves of ebb and flo….of time.  Now is the time for greatness in each of us.  It may have started yesterday and hopefully will continue through many tomorrows but now during this unit is when we should feel our own strength and greatness.  Its time.


I have worked hard at one of my lifes career.  It started nearly 18 years ago because I thought I might enjoy it.  I then found through the many years of learning from mentors around me that I was able to pull from my own understanding and experience to be pretty good at my job.  

As in most careers, there are highlights.  I have had many.  I have been to the door of exasperation and overcome the imaginary wall in front of me that seemed to obstruct my abilities to perform.

Like spring, every year has brought growth.  And with that growth I would develope the pathway for another accomplishment. I hurdled each challenge with self reflection and managed to move forward stride by stride.  Each phase has been work.  Not always pleasant and not always with belief but always with determination to meet the goal of my job.

Today I was called to the stage.  A point in each persons life where they are given a review of the work so far done…I looked proudly at my work as it was displayed to the world on this fine day.  I saw all the years of effort up to this point handsomely, gracefully and smartly go forward for a day of strength and ability.  A reflection of my own beliefs and life.  For my efforts I was awarded the trophy.  Not an award to sit on the shelf to gawk at but a bigger than life trophy.  I received the overwhelming feeling to store in my heart of pride and knowledge that I had done it well.  

I stared for a little longer time as my daughter and son approached the school doors.  They looked back to see me and smiled waving, giving me the last closure that I was right…they are great.  And I know now that this day has presented me with the greatest award I have ever received.  The trophy goes to….a mom.


Im somewhat of a culinary gal.  Nothing noteable, however skilled enough to become interested in the science of cooking.  Dont worry I am not a cellular structure speaker…  My mother always told me to “tear the lettuce”,  “never cut it.”  “It tastes better.”  I always heeded her words and somehow found myself guilty if I dare put a knife or saw another treat the lettuce in other way than torn!  I have studied the response to other foods when they are handled in a less than respectful or gentle way!  I have noticed that in preparing fried rice that if I throw the ingredients in the pan on high heat, the rice generally will not bind or blend with the other flavors and seasonings.  However, when I prepare it with attention and rythmn the outcome is much more synergistic.  After seeing the flavors almost appear to my senses I began practicing a slower almost caressing use of the spoon when turning the rice over in the pan.  The butter and egg it lays on while being “fried” almost melds with the grains.  In waiting for the appropriate time to add garlic, salt and pepper seasoning the steam seems to rise as if exhaling with joy.  And within seconds the rice will pull together as one and the many become one dish.  Ready to be served it almost joyfully slides from the pan.  Ahh, perfection!  Food preparation as if it were an oil painting becomes a fine work of art.  And to the admirer, the flavors of all the ingredients speak to the palate as if loved.